"Creativity is the journey towards Joy and Health"


Welcome to in6d!

My name is Katarína Slatinská and in6d is my personal project.

My work is authentic, personal and original. I do not copy anyone. My creations do not repeat and my creativity is limitless. I love to sculpt things for people that are personal and unique.  Work with clay is my passion and connection to nature. Clay modeling and casting gives me the chance to express my feelings without the words.

We constantly strive to improve our services and quality in creating new products to better serve your needs, because our customers are most important to us and because our products are the expression of heartfelt craftsmanship, joy, cheerfulness and beauty. Our products will make you feel at home and they will become your own unique expression.

Uniqueness of our craftsmanship is expressed in a color combinations spectrum of different glazes and their applications using various techniques.
Each one of our products is hand made and unique.
Each product is personal and variable using many color combinations coordinated in different categories and collections.
Our crafts will help a client personalize their artistic expression.

We offer you:
•    large range of products
•    custom making (create your own product)
•    many years of experience
•    lowest possible prices
•    carefully selected quality glazes
•    fast delivery
•    problem-free handling of claims
•    various offers and competitions as a reward for your trust    and loyalty.

Katarína Slatinská

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